Send my love

I recently discovered something that’s pretty cool to think about. It’s the future with other people. People you barely know now or people you have yet to meet. I find this intriguing because how often do you think about these kinds of things? I know I can’t be the only one to have these kind of thoughts.  I know I’m not.

Incase your wondering what this is about well it’s on how you were once involved in someones life but for some reason your not no more. You would expect to me to say it’s a shock but reality is that it’s not. In fact it’s so common that it’s normal not just human. You go through life wondering how that ex of your is doing. Are they with someone else? Or Are they permanently scarred?

This is to the many ex’s I have. The ones that remain in my life. The ones That I permanently scarred. And to the ones that did me wrong. I wish you the best. I hope you changed the worst parts of you & didn’t wrong the people who only wanted you. All I could say now is send my love to whoever it is that made it through with you. I don’t know how the half of you are doing, but I hope your doing well. I hope you treat those remarkable people in your life well. I hope your treating yourself well.

Now thought at the moment if you happened to find that one true great love. Don’t let it go, hold on to it as tight as you can & don’t give up on it. Fight for that love because that love is hard to find but tougher to keep. I send you my love & your significant other my love as well. I hope you all are doing well. I hope you guys have what we didn’t. I hope they know that you are not your past. You are not your mistakes. I think all of this all is a little bittersweet. Holding on & letting go then accepting all of it. I hope you got what you always wanted & deserve. I never wished you the worst because I know all you needed was the best so you can be better.


Yours Always,



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