In his dreams

In life you come across certain people that will make you feel something you didn’t feel before. There are people who will give you the best feelings and they are some who will give you the worst. Then there are the people who make you contradict the feelings you feel about them because they do something that confuses you.

A few months ago I saw this person who made me feel & think about what it would be like to actually know him. I wondered who he was, what he was like & if he thought the same about me. Questions about him came to mind every second & every thought. I wondered what was stopping him from introducing himself to me. 

I don’t know if it was the mystery of it all or I was really attracted by this stranger who’s name I didn’t even  know. It was like trying to know somebody you never met. All of it was red. I was on to him & into him. What he was doing to me.But I didn’t know I would be the one who got hurt.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason but I also believe that if you want something so much you go out & get it. Sometimes though things don’t go the way you planned or hoped for. Sometimes you think was it just all in my head? Did I create this scenario in my mind that never even happened?

What do you do? Or was this person in denial? Did They hurt you because they were scared?Did even want you in the first place? And if they did Was it only in their dreams? Did they have you create this scenario that you and them could be something extraordinary but? Not knowing that they only wanted you in their mind, heart and dreams. Never in reality not where you actually feel them and have them to yourself. Did they play you this entire time And now have you lying on the cold hard ground? You can guess the answer, ask them, or just go with whatever your gut tells you. Just don’t have it dragging on with you. You Don’t deserve that.

Yours always,



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