Feelings or thoughts

Lately I’ve been contradicting myself & what I believe in partly because my thoughts are what keep me from doing the things I fear the most. At times though sometimes I don’t think thoroughly on what I want to do & what I should do. I don’t know it that’s just me like you want to go through with something but when you think about it, it’s probably not the best thing to do.

Your feelings are what make you human. They are what have you doing or saying something. Not only do they have one of the biggest impacts in every persons life but they sometimes are the greatest or worst parts of being human. You never know how you’re going to react to future events in your life. Feeling certain emotions always bring out a certain side of you that you haven’t seen or felt. You may try to deny these feelings but they always tend to show even when you try to hide them. Some people tend to rely on their feelings to take action or say something that needs to be said.

Thoughts are just the worst. The other day I was talking to a friend on how thoughts are such a powerful thing. Thoughts have the equal amount of power as feelings do. They can make you do something or keep you from going for it. They can make you decide on huge choices & make you rethink about even doing them. They  can hurt you & break who you are & or they can make who your destined to be. Isn’t that something? How one thing thats not even visible can have so much control over who you are. But let me tell you something thoughts can be one of the greatest things in life. I would never be blogging or going for future goals if it weren’t for my thoughts. I think it’s such a beautiful thing how your mind works.

I also feel like if you combine the two it can make quite the conundrum on how about every single aspect of your life. What you think & how you feel can make you overthink just about everything. In a way can make you do the wrong decision & then utterly regret it. But theres another part of you that can change that. It’s your gut you know the one thing in your stomach that tells you what you know you should do or say. Some people go for your conscious but I feel like your gut is more in tune to that specific person & that’s something you can never go wrong with. My gut is what makes me do & say the things I can’t nearly think about & if I’m all about feelings I’m more than just wrong. Just something I thought I’d put out there.

Yours Always,














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