With all my love

That time of the year again. Coats & scarfs get put away while our swimsuits are being over used. Making summer plans or summer goals. No, I do not mean goals as in what people refer to nowadays like taking a group picture at the beach. I mean actual goals. I’m talking about important  wonderful Things that will & can change your life for the greatest. I recently put up a post on here that changed this site & myself for good. It will change my future & what I have to offer.
Since I put a lot of my personal life in here I decided to share exciting news that doesn’t really happen to a lot people & I can certainly say I sure got lucky. I have three summer internships being offered to me for the summer, two of them being out of state & one still in California. Two of them big league newspaper companies. The third a clothing lines website that I could say is pretty hugeeee. I won’t say the names of them Until I decide which I’m going to take but what all I can really say is IT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS. How many people in the world get offers like these & lucky enough to be chosen to brand these companies.
I thank my lucky stars that I get to go out into the world with full on support & encouragement from all of you. I can’t fully show how grateful I am but I’m pretty sure I can get close. This summer everything in my life is going to change permanently the people & environment to my well being & education. This is something I always saw coming so my goodbyes are well prepared & ready. A year ago I certainly did not see this coming. I would’ve had no idea on what was in store for me or what I was gonna do. But then again who does? I have had such a great year and there will definitely be more to come I’m just glad I’ll have all of you to share it with. I have even more exciting life changing news that I will love to share with all of you but I’ll save all that for the next post because it’s gonna be one that will change everyone’s opinion about me & can honestly say you did not expect this from me. Till then make this summer one that will make you proud.
         Yours Always -kaffienatedkia

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