Something different

Why hello there it’s me just a year older ( haha kinda felt like putting adele’s song in there ). Last Thursday I posted something a bit personal & private. That was my favorite post that I not only loved working on but I enjoyed sharing it with all of you. Throughout the entire day of my birth I not only felt incredibly loved & happy but I felt like I was on top of the world. As of this moment I’m an official successful blogger thanks to all of you who read my post. I get to share anything I want on here because of you guys! I have never felt so alive & victorious. I get to  share thoughts, ideas, experiences that all mean a great deal to me.
I guess when it comes to celebrating my birthday since I was seventeen it just made me all emotional and off. So I was never really excited about them for the four years I mean was happy & grateful but I could never be stoked about turning a year older. Every time it came around I could make fantastic plans but I would bail, they would flake or I just wasn’t excited enough. This year everything about it made me scream, dance, & jump for joy. I don’t know if it was the people or age or but one thing I know for sure that had so much to do with it was how far Ive come after high school. I know oh so many people who say these marvelous plans about furthering their education, work, or what ever else it is they aspire to be or have, but 90% of them never really stick to their word. That’s what worries me all the time but I’m half way there & I’m not saying it still can’t happen but it’s less likely too. I’m so happy how all this is turning out. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have parents who have my best interest at heart & are my biggest support system , siblings who always have my back & encourage me and overall a family who loves me unconditionally.
This year has been one of the best things that’s happened to me I’ve met remarkable people, gone through so many adventures, & have had great memories that give me a smile from ear to ear. To all the people in my life words can’t express how lucky I am to have you all in it. To have people like you make my day. To have someone to talk to & be my shoulder to cry on. You guys give me one of the greatest treasures in life & thats having people to keep in your future. I love how my life was falling apart & before it was gone it just all came into this new & improved person. I was changing with the appearance I had built.
I want to thank everyone for standing my sorry ass. For taking my sass, my sarcasm, my snarky attitude & my moody self. You guys don’t have to put up with that but  you do anyways. I don’t think that in life that you earn everything you receive but you earn the people & you do get things that sometimes don’t measure up to what you gave. Life is really full of surprises but it’s up to you to make those surprises shine. Your the one that carries the shine not anything else.
To everyone who’s never given up on me You amaze me. To the people who encouraged everything i did & still do, you guys really knew what I had to offer. The people who stuck with me whether I was being a loser in public or being weird and putting on a show in the car you guys need to remain in my life. What I’m saying is every single person that has put up with me for whatever reason you are important to my story & my soul. You make me who I am & I will never forget that or you.
Moments throughout the year I like to write a few things down that Remind me that I got lucky to have in my life. One of them is Knowing that not everyone has family that loves, supports, or even bothers to deal with them. I’m not one to speak but I know people out there who don’t have that. A group of people who you can always rely on in what we normally call friends, something your always gonna need in life to fall back on. Always take the moment to remember where you came from & look how far you’ve come from that. Your milestones those are the important momentums in your life you never want to forget they’re what keeps you moving forward.
 The way I see it I guess you can also choose to have this, it;s important to have it. I think all everyone of us takes what we have for granted & at times we forget that we do. We go on with our daily activities that we forget who helped us get to where we’re at. I know I do but when I see that I do I try to fix it, I try to remind myself that by doing that it’s human along as I don’t do it all the time. Take my advice and try to do it as well. Trust me that person will feel more appreciated & happy to get that ’Thank you’ or ‘ I love you’ out of nowhere at times it can also make someones day. So go ahead & go for it.
I want to show you guys things I’ve experienced. Things I will never forget. Stories that make me become someone new. I want to give you guys the gift of confidence & that part of growing up is that you ALWAYS have more to learn. It’s what makes everything in the future so exciting. You never know what you’re going to learn, experience, feel later on in life. So thank you to all of you guys who got me here. I’m the luckiest human being & the happiest. Because of you I’m not only doing what I’m extremely passionate about but I absolutely love with my dear heart. I get do something that makes me who I am. Thank you Thank you Thank you
    Yours Always – kaffienatedkia

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