I was asked to write about an emotion that all of us feel at one point in our lives, I thought about the one that’s incredibly hard to describe. I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to choose this emotion as well, but they probably won’t describe it the way I do.
  The emotion I chose is love because it’s something everyone feels at least once in their life. It’s something that a lot of people try so hard to describe. And at the same time not at all what we can see. It’s impossible to try not to describe it but it’s even harder to feel it. Once you get this feeling it gets even harder to not feel it, think about it, or even imagine if it gets better. Let me tell you one thing once your in it, it can go two ways after that.
Let me tell you the first one. The best thing that can happen is that you stay in it and it doesn’t go hurting you back. This could either mean your in it for the long run & fall in so deep or it was just puppy love to begin with. If it’s the second one chances are it won’t be so hard to move on. If it’s the first your screwed just like my cousin when he goes to the strip club…just kidding. If you really are IN LOVE not Falling in love but actually head over heels, can’t stop, won’t stop thinking about this person embrace that for as long as you can b/c who knows how long it’s gonna last. No one does.
The worst part about actually being in love is that when it’s over, if it ever is the pain is high. Especially if you never see it coming but most times you don’t. The high is like the most adrenaline rush worthy feeling in the world. It can make you feel ten million feelings all at once. That’s not a good thing at most times. Sometimes when you know that love is gonna fall apart it also has many ways of coming at you. It can go super fast that you’re blinded by how fast it is that when it’s done all you do is question it. Another way is that the love your in can take a while to burn & crash but the worst part of that kind of love is that there’s a huge chance you see it going down in flames, when it hasn’t happened yet.
So for many reasons If whatever you’re feeling at the moment or all at once you shouldn’t ever let any kind of emotion you have affect your choices & actions. If any thing it’s always a good idea to remind yourself about what you’re about to do & why you are choosing to do it. If the reason doesn’t seem to be strong enough or smart then don’t do it. A reason you second guess certain things at times it’s because you feel like it’s not the right choice & that my friend is what you can call your instincts or you’re conscious.
Another way to define love well there never is a way. It’s not something you can’t see it or choose to feel it. It’s something that just comes naturally. Most people that just put it into words or try to describe either haven’t been in it or felt it. It can also be a different kind of love. That’s another thing theres crush, lust, love from a far, puppy love, love & hard core I’m always loving you kind of love. Well this is what I’ve got down so far if I were to write out every single kind of love there is out there then I’d never finish. I’m not here to tell you what & what not to be or feel. I’m here to tell you that we all experience different kinds of love some of us never experience the same kind more than once some of us do. All of its don’t feel love the same way though that’s something we all have in common. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things to live in.
Yours always – kaffienatedkia

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