21 things I’ve learned in 21 years.

Hello there so This is something I’ve decided to post that means a lot to me. Today is my 21st birthday and in honor of it being such a milestone for me I’ve decided to share 21 things I’ve learned in 21 years. This year I’ve not only learned so much but I accomplished so many things I thought I would never get through. That’s why I call it MY milestone because I’ve become my own definition of self worth. Ready or not let’s go.

✌🏼 befriend as many people as you can, your bound to meet people in the most unlikely time & places & who knows maybe they’ll stick around for the long run.
☕️ Coffee is a gift from the heavens it’s the secret to life (just kidding but it keeps me going – at least for half of the day)
🛏always invest in your shoes and bed, never buy shoes that are & cheap & give you blisters & a nights worth of sleep on a great mattress is life changing b/c if your not in one place your in another.
💝don’t hang out wh people who treat you like shit-  It is not worth it, you are by far way better than that & you don’t deserve to be treated that way.
📚knowledge is the most powerful gift in doing anything you want in the world, there have been too many females who have sacrificed for you not to go & get it
 💅🏻don’t feel like you need to impress random strangers the only person you need to impress is yourself
🌍every opportunity you get to go & travel take it – I find it the most beautiful thing to go out to places you have yet to discover
🏋🏿exercise & eat healthy, whether you like it or not it makes an absolute huge difference overall in your life.
💃🏻listen to your mom regarding anything about life odds are she’s right & she honestly  has your true best interest at heart
👴🏼 listen to your dad when it comes to finances he’s a smart dude
💫 believe in yourself & believe in something thats gonna keep you going, whether it’s believing the worlds gonna be a better place with you in it, figure out something thats gonna keep you going because if you don’t your gonna fall & hard
💆I’ve truly learned to enjoy being by myself & that being alone doesn’t mean that your lonely, it’s a great thing
🌻 I’ve learned to not define yourself by numbers whether it’s by how many Insta, twitter, or other social media followers you have, your age, or much money you have none of that’s important, it doesn’t define you. It never will.
📖 reading is key to the soul & spirit, it takes you to places that have no limits
👌 failing is okay just as long as you learn from it.
👼 I’ve learned to stop idolizing random celebrities & start being inspired by people that actually make a difference in this world
🙌🏼 I’ve learned how to get rejected – whether it’s by businesses, friends, family & normally by guys, rejections a normal part of life everyone goes through it & frankly the more it happens the easier it is to brush it off & move on.
🙋🏻 On thing that I never though I would be able to do is learn to ask for help, I’m an extremely prideful person I won’t ask for help with anything in my life I could be on the floor bleeding to death & I still won’t ask for help ( wouldn’t know b/c that has yet to happen) , college has helped me with that. No one here is gonna come & check on you & ask if you need help so you gotta do it yourself.
💻 A posting date is important, I need to start being consistent with all things in my life whether it’s my blog posting or finishing errands.
🔮Confidence is magic to anything you want.
👑 This is the last thing which is the 21st and that’s that I still have a lot to learn.

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