Vulnerable state of mind

Being vulnerable is something a lot of people think is an awful thing. That you should never be in a vulnerable state. Never wear your heart on your sleeve. Never show anyone your true colors or emotions. Don’t be this, don’t do this. These are things I’m always hearing come out of people’s mouths, that I have never completely agreed on.

To me vulnerability is not being afraid of showing the world who you are as a person. Forgetting about other’s opinions & thoughts about you and letting yourself be grand & free. Feeling who your soul is & being one of a kind. I don’t see why you should have to hide that or not allow others to see what truly is deep inside of you.

It’s so easy for your soul & personality too change or hide away easily, Especially if you’re really involved with social media. That plays a huge aspect in so many lives. It can easily have a huge affect in every day thoughts & perceptions. It can even start changing bigger things like morals, values, & beliefs. If you’re not headstrong or really Independent all that could start changing. You can blind yourself from who you are & be someone else. In a way like an alter ego, because it’s you physically but you’re not acting like you nor using your mentality. In a way you’re becoming this

I firmly believe that Vulnerability is a one of the many traits that are a huge par of being confident. It’s like feeding the soul a meal; part of the meal is a solid & another part is liquid. There are more than just one type of things you incorporate into the soul. It itself needs to be well-rounded & whole- hearted in ways that makes it so special. When you think vulnerability most people automatically think being over emotional & believing everything people tell you

As I was writing about vulnerability, I quickly learned & realized that theres nothing wrong with being that. There’s nothing wrong with being & acting a certain way of who you really are. I can’t say how many times I’ve ever encountered or been present on times people have told their friends or family to not act a certain way or feel certain emotions. It’s such a brutal & cruel experience.

No one should have to go through that. If your vulnerability comes naturally or it just is a part of you don’t be ashamed to show it or let it over take you, no matter where you are or who you’re with. It is you & that shouldn’t be a bad thing to ever show. I honestly feel like showing your vulnerability increases confidence & positivity. It’s something so raw & real it could be placed as beauty. Vulnerability is a trait everyone has but just not everyone shows. It’s perfectly okay & human.

Yours always – karina


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