I Won’t

So lately what I’ve been noticing is the way I’ve been getting treated. It doesn’t take much to get me too notice something if it happens too much or is pretty noticeable. If its something that really bothers me for most parts I tend to say something or anything for that matter. It does take a lot of me though. I’m not the type of person to just go for it. I tend to over analyze everything. It’s usually not just taking it on. I have to know where I could be headed which is ten million directions. And some of them not being visible for the most part & me knowing they’re not.

It’s about not knowing where exactly you stand. Whether it’s a certain person or exact event. This is about grasping a concept but thinking something completely different or taking it as something else. And having something new to say about it, sometimes that’s what gets you to get further to your endeavors. Or sometimes thats what gets you to a direction that you didn’t see coming. Sometimes those directions aren’t going to be the ones you want but they take you there for a reason. But sometimes you can fix them, to head them into another direction and maybe they’ll lead you into a different result or maybe you’ll get the same one but the way you got it was different.

All of that’s okay, every single bit of it. But let me tell you something if you know that this person and yourself both misconstrued something in particular, do something about it. Don’t just let the moment pass you by. Fix it if it can be fixed. Don’t be one of those people who wish they could’ve but its too late or another excuse. Take that chance because its better regretting you did it than regretting that you didn’t . That’s something that I always keep in the back of my mind. Knowing that I could’ve but did nothing about it, That I had a chance but didn’t take it. If you feel in any way that you took something another way than what the other person meant or vice versa than fix it.

XOXO – kaffienatedkia


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