Hello there,
Welcome to what I like to call inside my head where I write down my thoughts, ideas, & just about everything else. I would like to actually introduce myself & say my names Karina. I’m 4”10, wear the same hat a lot & dress like I’m in Coachella everyday. I like to always have a cup of coffee in my hand’s when I can that is & my favorite place in the world is being on the road. I talk too much & laugh too loud. I’m way too sarcastic & sassy for someone my age & size. I say what I feel no matter what the circumstances especially when something needs to be said. I’m blunt, I can be super mean yet awfully nice. I have too much pride to ask for help. I’m coy but not shy. I cry when I’m angry & If looks could kill I would’ve been in jail years ago. That’s just summarizing who I am. So here’s what I have to say.

Recently I’ve managed to do a few risky things that I’m actually terrified to do but I did it anyway. I have a lot of experience when it comes to rejection & let downs & the only thing I can say to all of is Its good that it happens & it’s also human. Those two things itself well I’m not gonna lie They suck so much. It hurts & there’s points where you start to think Am I ever gonna get over this? Is this feeling ever gonna go away?

And to answer that, it does. The feeling slowly goes away & fades as you start to grow from it & move on. I’m not sure how this happens but for starters stop thinking about it. Continue with your life your daily activities & your routine. Once you start doing the norm you occupy your mind & don’t have time to think about what ever it was that was you were thinking about. Let me say one thing before I continue on doing things you would normally do & feeling calm isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. It’s actually great, don’t start thinking that you have to go change every aspect in your life, just because you had a fall out. If anything it means you should do it with love, passion, & happiness. You grow from everything but yet you change nothing. You learn how to make everything else better.

In my perspective that’s just wonderful, it just makes everything shine a little brighter, & a little less scarier. Don’t let anything that small control you it shouldn’t because your better & bigger than that. It happens life happens, so don’t let it get to you.


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