art on life

When you begin to describe what kind of art you like, you automatically begin to think the kind that you can see. Hardly anyone ever thinks about the type that makes you feel & live. Let me begin with saying art can be anything. Whether it’s someone who live’s in intresting life that shapes it to be something quite unusual or something that makes you feel. The usual type of art someone automatically assumes what one is visual & hands on. They don’t think about the  other types of art that can be as equally affected. Well if you didn’t know about it as well let me introduce you.
Let’s begin with the art that I am  entirely fascinated by It’s called Life. That’s one thing that I was always fascinated by. I always thought that life is art, you can see it, you can feel it & it comes in different forms. You can touch it without actually touching it. It can be anything you want it to be. it  itself comes differently, it’s molded into something unique & beautiful. There’s no guidelines when it comes to art. Just look at life like you look at art. Think about life how you think about art. If haven’t looked at it quite yet, you have probably realized that you are an artist. You mold & shape your life. You draw out the events & paint on a blank canvas. You can create the art you make. The kind that speaks to you & makes you the best kind of person. You are given a full on entire life where you can make a story that is just remarkable do something with that.
Art can be easily defined for those who don’t fully get it or don’t see what it can be. I find that as such an easy thing to do but at the same time it’s not for those who see & life creatively & colorful. It’s something that comes naturally to you. You either have it or you don’t. It’s not a bad thing if you don’t. It just happens to make you more open. Easier to see life in different forms & types. You’ll never be bored or repetitive. You’ll be more invested & passionate about what ever it is you’re working on. You don’t half ass anything these traits are great to have. It just makes you a little fuller of life & adds a little sparkle to who you are. Not everyone has these traits, so don’t take any of them for granted.
Another lesson I’ve learned from life is molding it itself it so simple we tend to think it’s hard because we already have that mindset. I’m not one to look at things simple, I’m very dramatic with about everything, so when it comes to molding something brand new it tends to take me a while to look at it like a brand new piece of paper. I prefer to look at it like that or a new piece of clay that needs to be used. It’s so much brighter & special when you think of it that way.

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