Just shake it off

So I want to start off with this post by saying that I’ve recently stumbled upon a post on Tumblr that for a minute, there was feeling like they were calling me out personally. Saying that I was stuck on the past & not moving on. Well I highly doubt they well speak up & let me know who they are I decided to as well call them out but in a different way for a different reason.Others can’t hurt me or give their thoughts of who I am. That’s not what this is for. I think those kind of people are awful & terrible & may have a little too much time on their hands.
So heres what I have to say. What you read on my blog are things that I could’ve written a year ago maybe even two but they’re all things that have been created in my mind freshly from what happened around that time. Things that I thought not what others thought. This is all me, no one else. It does make me feel like okay wow some people haven’t moved on if they’re willing to take the time to comment or even bother reading my stuff. I love having just anyone read my blog but the thing is if you’re going to be bothered by me writing about experiences that you think you were in well get over it. It could be far worse, I can include full names & places but I’m not.
The person doing this to me just stop. I don’t appreciate when people tell me I’m acting a certain way when I haven’t even including you in anything, I think personally you’re the one who needs to get over it. I’m at a place in my mind & life where I can talk about anything & anyone & not feel or get put in this hole. And let me tell you it’s great. I feel like this huge moment is never gonna end. I’m way more positive & feel like I can take on anything.  So ending on that note quoting what a musician has said repeatedly you just gotta Shake It Off.💃🏽
                    Fearlessly, -kaffienatedkia

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