Just the beginning

Here I go this is it, I’m finally dipping my toe into the deep end. Recently I’ve posted articles on love, heart break, dishonesty & other tragedies. One important thing I completely forgot was that I want this to be is to teach you to be a leader someone who leads by example, someone who shows everyone how happy & wonderful life is. A person who doesn’t care about what others think, Someone who takes control of their life. That person who’s ballsy & has guts to do the things others wish they had the nerve to do.

 This has been me for the past few years. Finally doing the things I fear the most. That terrify me & make me a wuss but it’s okay because I still do them. I’ve decided to talk about all the things I’ve done that have me more Confident & Ballsy. If I could totally play it cool & brush it off & say that I never got nervous or scared, worse all panic attack on myself, but I would be lying. One of the first few things I learned about myself a couple years ago was that I’m not as outgoing as I thought I was. I’m a chicken I freak out about every little thing, think about the worse scenario that could happen & I had more confidence in myself than I thought I did. This made me realize I needed to start showing that off. So here’s what I did about it that confidence I wasn’t showing I incorporated it into normal everyday things. For instance I always wanted to dress like the girls from the PLL so I finally did. I slowly started dressing bold, gaudy, & eclectic. I finally started showing the confidence because It was something that was making me feel good about myself. I loved the idea of Standing out & have people asking me how did you come up with that outfit. My creativity was being incorporated into my style, I hadn’t noticed until my friends had mentioned that I am an artist. I was growing as a person not someone in high school who was trying to figure & find out who they were & wanted to be. I had already become the person I always looked up to. I think that’s something I was becoming proud of because I was young & feeling like I can take the world. The trick to that is to feel it & be it, don’t try & act like you do. Or as the saying goes fake it until you make it.

Second lesson: Find who you really are all together

The only way to find that is to go out & try everything. Do this by yourself trust me it is way more enjoyable. You see life in ten million other colors that you didn’t even know existed. You see the sun shine a little brighter, everything you see & experience even if you had seen this & experienced it before it’s never looked this beautiful. Finding who you are. What you like, what is it that you just love. It’s an experience like no other. You find out so much about yourself. To do this you have to be open minded & willing to try & do everything because you just might never know. This easily goes into becoming a leader. Also remember that don’t try to be a leader if it isn’t who you are. Being a leader is basically bringing out the power & boldness out of you.Not making a whole new you. There wouldn’t be a point on finding who you really are if all you’re doing is creating a new you. In order for you to be okay and that you know you can make it on your own, you have to be fine with being alone. You kinda gotta accept the fact that if you want to change or do more with your life not everyone you have in your life at that moment is gonna stick around. It’s all in the mentality. There’s times when things change you either change with it or you leave everyone else behind & go on. It’s always gonna end up in different results. Just remind yourself if these people were meant to be in your life they’re gonna continue to be a part of it no matter what’s going on.

Another topic I would like to discuss is: Finding your escape place

When you first think of escape place you probably think of a safety net, somewhere where thats your comfort zone. Everyone can have a different idea & definition of what an escape place is to them. My idea is that it’s a place where you can’t be found. A place that makes you feel great & be positive. A place that just screams you. We all have one, some of us know where its at some of us don’t. If you have no clue than there could be a chance you haven’t found it & that’s perfectly fine. It means you still have that chance to go find something special just for yourself. When you find it you’ll just know. Reason being why its great to have one, everyone needs a place where they can leave everything & everyone behind. To just unwind when they need a break from their reality. A place to gather all their thoughts & ideas, where it’s just for them & they feel sane. A place that’s just for you & only you.  Everyone needs one of those.

 I hope you have found some of these ideas & topics useful & put them to use till then


Fearlessly, -kaffienatedkia


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