Here they are

  • You are not alone never forget that
           – everyone goes through this, some may deny it, some may not
  • Take what ever is you feel & put it to good use
            – whether it’s creating art or doing something visual  or even just writing something that makes someone else feel that exact same emotion you are feeling
  • Forget everything you are thinking about
             – You can do this in many ways yoga, mediation, or just breathing exercises
                  Most of them work for me so I hope they do for all of you.
  • Don’t “Take a nap” first off I know whee this goes It’s happened to me but this could also be the first sign of depression & it will get you more tired, drained, & make you become even more of a big emotional wreck.
  • If you do feel drained or tired & don’t know if you can even make through the day either go out & distract yourself or do something that makes you feel good or something you clearly enjoy.
  • Talk to someone who you feel comfortable with about what’s going on, especially if they know you or know that something’s up hence the fact they care about or know you very well. They can also give you advice or ideas you hadn’t thought about.
  • If this problem is circling around a person & if it’s something they did or said write a letter to this person. Write down everything you’re feeling, thinking, or want to say. You can choose to send it or not.
                – Personally I’ve done this & it’s helped a lot
  • To keep you on your feet & you on the ground:
                     -realize that this is only temporary, it’s not gonna last forever
  • Don’t take what ever it is too drastic, take it from a girl who has, all it does is make things worse & make you feel even more awful
  • FIX IT, one of the many important things I’ve learned is that you can always fix a problem ALWAYS

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