If its timing…..

Hello there, how are you? I hope your great.

Last night I had a major Epiphany. So I’ve noticed that a lot of us tend to complaint about every little thing in our life. Whether it’s a major problem or a problem that isn’t really a problem. Still though sooetimes we don’t even realize that we can control and change those thing’s at times. In fact though some things that occur and we really have no control of what outcome or consequence comes out at the end.

But the things that you do have control over. How do you take control over them? How can you really change something without knowing how to?

I think not knowing is bull. Truth is we know we just choose to ignore it to not acknowledge it. It’s a scary thing I know. I’ve experienced time and time again.  Where I’m put in this position of not knowing whether or not to go through with what I see in front of me. For some reason I get put in those moments a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if ignoring it was and is a bad thing. But then when I go through with it, it backfires at me. That’s what makes me not do it in the future. Of course the past prevents the future from happening. What good does that do? Right?

So here’s something I’m gonna share with you guys and hopefully you guys take that in as well.  What you can do is realize that if you don’t want something to happen. Stop it. Well I mean the things you can prevent I’m not saying that if someone isn’t into to you don’t go making them love you that’s mentally ill talk.

The things you can control though if the don’t make you happy then you know what you need to do. Because timing is what you decide to do with it!

Yours always,



Dear 16 year old me

Wow it’s been a while and a lot has changed.

You have long hair now & few tattoos. Oh Karina the things you wanted in highschool are nothing compared to what you got later on after. You went beyond what you thought you couldn’t do. You accomplished things you never thought of and the things that made you happy.

You are growing in ways that without a doubt are just impeccable. Your faith in God was restored and now your heart burns for him. It’s an amazing feeling. You have two jobs one you endlessly love and one that you are ready to quit on. Your perspective on people have changed. You can let your walls down from time to time. Yeah that was definitely all Jesus.

Karina little did we both know that the strong willed passionate attitude would come handy. Let me tell you,you have changed people and ideas because of it. You became the the woman you always looked up to. You finally figured out how to use that big mouth of yours.

You have your Associate’s degree at the moment and are going for your B.a at UCI…..take that in you got in! (Like we ever underestimated that). You have changed so much in the best possible way. You’ve grown In ways that the old you would’ve been impressed. I am.

In ways I realize that throughout my life I was pretty fortunate and privileged. I’m more than ever grateful to have realized that and still appreciate it even more now as I’ve gotten older. Karina your inner hippie is still inside your soul but it has a touch of rock n’ roll in it now.

Kia your going to go through something that is gonna change the way your entire well being. You have become someone who took all that negative remarks and made a foundation out of it. You have no idea how much strength and crap  you’ve gone through. You learned from it and know you are worth way more than the things your past has put you through. You no longer care what others have to say or think that has not changed at all. You march to the beat of your own drum and I’m glad and proud that you do.

Karina you are changing other lives and are giving other as what you were blessed to have. You are encouraging, talented, amazing, headstrong, impeccable, intelligent, insanely crazy (in the best way). And I hope that doesn’t change.

Yours always,


Find Jesus in the little things

Today I woke up and I see rain pouring down. Droplets hitting my window. It was breathtaking. I stayed in that exact position for about an hour. Then decided to put on Alanis morisette and jump on my bed like a little kid. BEST MORNING EVER!

Funny how that happens right? If you don’t know me well enough you would know I love rainy days as much as I love sunny ones. But if you live in Cali you would know it hasn’t rained like this in such a LONG time. But taking in a deep thought I realized that when I’ve been in a good place for a long period of time amazing things start to happen. And not just casual amazing I’m talking about passionate in love with life kinda crap. 

So to continue my blissful go lucky happy as hell day I went to get coffee….shocker! On my way I found myself thinking about of all the opportunities that have come my way & continue to do so.  Of the many ways my life is about to change in the blink of an eye. And I ask God “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!!!” 

Sometimes I feel like it’s too good to be true. But no it isn’t. I’ve realized that for the past few years I’ve knitted and gritted working my ass off for everything that has come my way. But the fact that I believe and love someone other than myself is what kept and keeps me going. I took a minute and thanked god for giving me the strength and drive to push myself and go for whatever it is I Want.

I thanked him for the rain, sunshine, my dog. I don’t know about you but when he’s in me I get this incredible high of happiness and attitude that makes me feel like I can do the impossible. I get super grateful for every little thing. Growing up my mom taught me that life is beautiful always. Not just sometimes but every second we’re on this planet. That’s what keeps me going. Not waisting my breath and taking up space here. Doing something great with my life and leaving a legacy is part of it.

Don’t just exist LIVE. Take all the  opportunities that come your way. Say yes to everything. Chase your fears. Finish that bucketlist. Don’t lose a moment that you may never get back. Do all things that make you happy. Because I know for a fact that if you really want it, it’s going to be yours. 

But if you don’t take your life for granted god is gonna repay you with all great things. I speak from experience. So take a deep breath and jump in the deep end. Jumping in is the hardest part, after that you got it.  Gather your strength, gain wisdom, & beautiful stories. Be Brave.

                   Yours always,


Badass with a kick of fire

Lately what I have going through my mind is something I’ve been personally going through. Why do others put someone down when they’re at their prime?

And by this I’ll put myself as an example. I’m making shit happen in my life. Welcoming myself into the literature world and becoming my only boss. Not taking crap from anyone & putting my foot down into whatever I believe in. I guess you could say I finally grew some balls and told myself if I keep being scared how do I expect to make shit happen in my life. But the thing is I’m losing way more people than I expected to in this process. Getting negative remarks and comments about how maybe I’m not doing things right or maybe I should wait.

No. No more giving a rats ass about what others think I should be doing. The only one knows what I should be doing is me. Taking control of what’s going on in my life and how things should happen is the only way I won’t complaint about it.

I’m also sick people trying to steal my shine. I’m gonna be straight forward about this. There have been some people in my life who all of a sudden “write” as if they made it a goal, career, passion. Like they know what it takes to be a real writer. Ala “me” I know I shouldn’t be comparing but writing is a passion that I’ve made into a career. I’ve gone after this passion since I was 13 it’s my thing. I’ve been really successful at it may I add.

Yes I’m claiming my territory. That’s what I do. It’s how I Make sure everyone has heard me and know what’s mine. Now I’m not saying that no one else can write but don’t go telling people you “write”. True talented breathtaking writing comes from passion and love. As Fitzgerald once said ” you write because you have something to say not because you want to say something” .

Writing is the only way I know how to understand the world around me. I’m not going to be In someone else’s shadow because they love to write. That’s an excuse and hobby. When someone who’s born with a talent like that you know you don’t grow into it when you get older.

I love writing for the same reason since I was little. As I got older of course it started showing. Teachers, family, friends and people I barely knew what tell me how talented I was or compliment my skill. It made me happy when I heard that something that I loved doing so much came with a bonus I knew that was my first love.

Going into writing showcases that’s when I knew I was special. I started winning State comps. And people started scouting me for schools. But I didn’t go after them. For some reason I was scared of the fact that if I had made it into a career at the time I was stop loving it and not be as passionate about it.

So that’s half of my story. You’ll hear the rest of it later.

Yours always,



I know you’ve probably heard of this hashtag over and over again. Let me tell you something for those of you who know where it came from CEO entrepreneur of Nasty Gal Sophia Amuruso she is the one that started this whole revolution of Girlboss. The one who’s inspired me. 

Which is how I came up with this post. 2017 I’d say treated me with love and success. It gave me more than what I could ever ask for. I woman’d   up and told myself success is never going to happen if you don’t let it. I looked myself in the eye and said there is no such thing as failure once you make it frighten you. 

Being a Girlboss is making yourself part of a revolution of women who take control of their own lives and make something out of nothing. It’s doing the impossible and extraordinary. Women becoming leaders and inspiring the younger generations. Woman who are eager to make a change. I’d call myself a leader someone who changes people who gives others perspective & a fresh take on life. 

Someone who marches to the beat of they’re own drum . Creates ideas and makes them happen. Turns their dreams into plans, turn their failure into invention.

A Girlboss is someone who gains knowledge, perspective, & experience. Not getting attached to the outcome . Competing with yourself not others. NEVER losing your appetite for MORE. Always want more fresh outtakes, ideas, and craving more adventure. 

Writing this at the moment I feel powerful & invigorated like no one can stop me from doing what I go after. You know why? BECAUSE NONE CAN.  I don’t think I’m a Girlboss Because I Know I AM one. I already have changed the world. I’ve already changed people. I’m making a difference. I’m changing myself to Change the world. Once quoted “be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry”. Guess what world be ready for me. 

Karina. Leader. Blogger. UCI student. Editor. feminist. Activist. Future CEO. Novelist.  Someone once told me there is no such thing as ” can’t ” or the word “no”. So no resolutions for me but I am taking the two words and deleting those from my vocab & I think you should too. So I’m leaving this post with one question for all my readers. Are you a Girlboss?

  Yours truly,


For the Love Coffee

I’m sitting at a coffee people watching and enjoying my pumpkin latte. That’s just it. Never in my life have I ever met someone who does the same thing as I do.

Coffee shops are my home. So when I’m in one I’m comfortable and vulnerable to say the least. I love looking around observing what people do when drinking they’re beverage. How they communicate and interact with the world. Needless to say Interactions really rare.

If you guys have followed my blog for a while you would know that I took a social media cleanse for a couple months. It was the seriously the best thing that happened to me. I got to meet New people and interact with the world.

Not a lot of people do this anymore but I’m always recommending that you do. I met people who are now permanently in my life and who changed a lot of who I was. I got to conversate with others about topics you normally don’t talk about.

I met people in about every place you can think of coffee shops, buses, sidewalks, school, and stores. It was a refreshing take on life it got my creativity flowing again. Thanks to me not having my fingers glued on buttons and my eyes on screens 24/7 it gave me perspective, people, and places that I can have in my life.

Its crazy to think that this generation’s that’s all they run on. They’re electronics. Like we honestly don’t need this stuff. If we didn’t need them 10 yrs ago why on earth would we need them now.

Yes life has made it easier for us to be more successful and more productive well the depending on how we use it. But it’s also made the younger generation’s lazier and entitled which should not be the case but is.

In my life I’ve been given two pairs of eyes to see how it can affect our lives both positively and negatively. It can be a good thing at times to see a point of view from both perspectives. So what I’m asking from you is think about the next time you’re grabbing your phone or laptop and think “So I need to?” or just a habit? Maybe just MAYBE you are missing out on an opportunity or adventure that will never come again.

Yours always,


22 things I’m Thankful for

Every year for my birthday I do this post about 22 things that I’ve learned. Each year it’s always something different. We’ll this year I decided to do one for thanksgiving because it means so much to me. Here are 22 things I’m grateful for.

1. That I have such an amazing support system

2. I have a dog who’s always happy ( I don’t even know why).

3. That I can make people happy even on their darkest days.

4. That writing is my talent and passion in life.

5. That I have two amazing siblings who love me.

6. I have a family whos always there for me

7. For friends who I can really connect with.

8. FOR COFFEE!!!!!

9. To be able to get an education.

10. To have ambition in life and make a difference.

11. I’m grateful for more memories and stories to tell.

12. That no matter where I go someone always follows.

13. That I have a mom that raised me to be confident and ambitious.


15. To have inspiring and driven women to look up to.

16. For everyone I’ve met this year.

17. For a better relationship with God.

18. People who show me how to be a better person.

19. To travel the world and really look at it.

20. Celebrating birthdays

21. For great coffee shops

And 22. Another year of living a healthy and privileged life✌

Happy Thanksgiving

Yours truly,